RADICAL skincare

Radically different. Radically uncomplicated. Radically effective.

This is the credo of the two founders Rachel & Liz Edlich

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To be different,you have to make the difference

This philosophy came from the thinking of Dr. Richard Edlich, a well-known professor of plastic surgery, biomedicine, and father of the two founders Rachel and Liz Edlich. Dr. Edlich revolutionised the field of wound healing of skin and skin injuries, as well as the emergency wards of hospitals all over the world.

Adhesive tape developerfrom 3M.Developer of the absorbable sutures.
Adhesive tape developerfrom 3M.Developer of the absorbable sutures.


This patented technology combines a multitude of antioxidants
with the highest levels of anti-ageing and skin-soothing active ingredients,
for the best possible protection and repair of the skin. Suitable for all skin
skin types. This technology preserves the effectiveness and stability
of the active ingredients for radical results.


The most effective care, clinically tested, suitable for all skin types
even the most sensitive.
The best of the best, in antioxidants and anti-ageing ingredients,
based on the patented Trylacel technology, which stabilises and maintains
stabilises and preserves the action of the active ingredients for powerful results.


The ingredients of RADICAL skincare have been clinically tested for the following
following properties:

- A maximum antioxidant protection to protect the skin
From the damage caused by free radicals
- Increases skin hydration by 66%.
- Reduces wrinkles/lines by up to 50%
- 128% increase in collagen and elastin for smoother skin
smoother skin
- Reduces dark circles and puffiness around the eyes
the eyes
- Evens out skin tone and reduces pigmentation and sun spots
sun spots
- Reduces the size of pores